What Are Dublin’s Must-See Sights?

Your Dublin adventure begins right now! With numerous places that are a must-see in Dublin, your day will be full of things to do. Like most people, you want to visit several tourist hotspots in one day. It sounds like a challenge, but if you plan it right, it’s actually doable. Here’s what you need to include in your “One Day in Dublin itinerary:”

1.    The Guinness Storehouse Factory

The Guinness Storehouse Factory attracts tourists from all over the world. Situated at the St. James’s Gate, they have designed the storehouse’s interior to resemble a pint of Guinness. Step inside to explore all seven floors displaying Ireland’s rich brewing history, the interesting story of the Guinness family, and the meticulous process of perfecting the stout beer.

The epic tour ends on the 7th floor at the Gravity Bar. Say cheers as you drink a pint of Guinness before a spectacular 360-degree panoramic view of the Dublin skyline. Why the Guinness Storehouse Factory is a must-see in Dublin?

Arthur Guinness’ journey into the brewery business started on this site in 1759. After signing a 9,000-year lease, the Guinness was born. It was an immediate hit and years later, people continue to enjoy Guinness. If you love a good pint of Guinness, wouldn’t you like to tour the site where it all began? Because we sure would!

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Apart from enticing them with good beer, Dublin has also captivated travelers with its natural beauty.

2.    Phoenix Park

Phoenix Park, a huge 1,700-acre park, is a walled expanse of green that sits just two miles away from downtown Dublin. Possibly too large to explore in total in one day, you can certainly explore the park’s best parts.

Start by seeing the Áras An Uachtaráin, the home of Ireland’s President (how do you pronounce that? OR-us un OOCH-ther-awn where the ‘ch’ is like that in the word ‘loch’). Designed in 1751, the imposing building and its six staterooms show off its gorgeous historical architecture. 

The building was never meant to be an exclusive residence for the president, but Ireland’s first President Douglas Hyde started living in the building in 1938 while construction for the official residence was underway. However after WWII broke out he never left, and soon, it became known as the ‘House of the President’. Explore each room, learn about its history, and go for a stroll in its beautiful gardens.

Also, you might run into wild deer as you discover the vast park. Don’t be scared. Admire them from afar, maintaining a 50-meter distance. And if seeing a wild deer roaming freely excites you, we predict over-the-top excitement when we tell you about our next destination…

3.    Dublin Zoo

How far is the walk from Phoenix Park to the Dublin Zoo? Not very far! The zoo is a must-see in Dublin and it’s located within the park. Visiting the zoo is one of the most fun things to do in Dublin, especially with kids. However, when it comes to going to the zoo, age is just a number.

The Dublin Zoo officially opened its doors to the public in 1831. If you’re lucky, you may get to catch its award-winning show Wild Lights. Previous themes include discovering the world’s famous landmarks, stories, myths, and legends, the ocean of light, and more!

If you miss the show, no problem, as there are more than 400 endangered and rare animals to keep you entertained. The animal habitats include:

  • The Family Farm
  • Himalayan Hills
  • Wolves in the Woods
  • The African Savanna
  • Kaziranga Forest Trail
  • The South American House
  • Zoorassic World
  • Gorilla Rainforest
  • The Orangutan Forest
  • Sea Lion Cove

With so many habitats to visit, you can visit the president’s house before entering or leaving the zoo, as it’s only 20 minutes away. Both are a must-see in Dublin and very manageable in one day.

4.    St. Patrick’s Cathedral

Although founded in 1191, construction on the St. Patrick’s Cathedral— Ireland’s national cathedral— began in 1220. To build this colossal church, it took them 40 years to cut the ribbon. The cathedral shares its prestigious status with the Christ Church Cathedral, which was built before it and is about 1,000 years old.

We mentioned the other cathedral because there was a power struggle between the two, which the archbishop settled by making changes to accommodate their joint status. It’s a seven-minute walk from St. Patrick’s Cathedral to the Christ Church Cathedral. So, why not see both of them in one day.

But we digress.  Although the architects rebuilt the cathedral in the 19th century, they did it while retaining its unique Gothic elements. Cathedral’s 120 feet high tower led it to become Ireland’s tallest cathedral.

They also placed one of the first public clocks in the tower in 1560. Venture inside to admire its striking stained-glass windows, medieval tiling, and polished marble statues. Now, St. Patrick hosts several public ceremonies.

Take in the cathedral’s arresting appearance and then make your way to Trinity College, which is 16 minutes on foot.

5.    Trinity College

Trinity College is a place you must see in Dublin because of the illustrious history attached to it. Situated in a central location, you can hop on the Luas Green line to visit it. Established in the 16th century, the college wasn’t Dublin’s first university but the Medieval University of Dublin was.

Trinity College Dublin, one of the unmissable sights

The Reformation era under Henry VIII saw the Medieval University demolished and replaced by Trinity College. In 1592, Queen Elizabeth I introduced the royal charter, permitting them to build the college. They decided to build the university on the same site where the All Hallows monastery once stood.

Today, Trinity College is the country’s highest-ranked university, ranks 101st in the global college rankings, and comes in 8th place for attracting people from all backgrounds. Moreover, it’s an integral part of Dublin and one of the most frequented by tourists for one reason. They want to see the Trinity College Library.

6.    Trinity College Library

The Trinity College Library remains at the top of the list of things to do in Dublin, Ireland among travelers. You can find 200,000 of the college’s oldest books in the library such as the 1916 Proclamation of the Irish Republic. As their collection of books grew, so did their ceiling.

In 1860, they transformed the flat ceiling into a magnificent barrel ceiling to make room for more works and added an upper gallery as well. The main library is off-limits to the public but the Old Library, consisting of the Long Room, is open.

The Long Room, measuring 65 meters, is the world’s longest single-chamber library. The 300-year-old room is a star because it’s one of Dublin’s most photographed rooms for two reasons. First, for its extraordinary architecture that wows people.

See the room’s sophisticated wooden barrel ceiling lined with marble statues of philosophers, writers, and the college’s supporters. Second, as soon you enter the Long Room, you’ll be in awe. The library at Hogwarts in Harry Potter and the Jedi Temple in Star Wars both resemble the Long Hall.

But if you really want to see something impressive in the library, it’s the Book of Kells you want.

7.    Book of Kells

The Book of Kells isn’t an ordinary book. Inside, you’ll discover detailed and intricate illustrations. It’s one of the most well-known illuminated manuscripts, which are handmade books containing religious scripture or teachings. The creators used silver and gold to illuminate the text and illustrations, hence the name.

It dates back to 800 CE and contains the four Christian gospels of the New Testament. Historians believe the book  was created by ancient scribes as a showpiece due to the elaborate artwork. Made using premium quality calf vellum, the book has 680 pages filled with eye-catching illustrations of religious symbols and figures either on their own or beside the text.

The Book of Kells has been on display since the 19th century with Trinity College Library displaying two books, one opened to a page covered with illustrations and the one with text alongside smaller illustrations.

Come Vacation in Dublin, Ireland to See All the Must-See Destinations in One Day!

These amazing places are a must-see in Dublin. Although you can cover most of them in one day, we recommend staying at least three days to get the most out of your trip.a



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